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Sublime Text

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I’ve created a new category on this blog: My Choices. Here I’ll talk about software, tech.. anything I use and I think It’s worth a try. I don’t want to give a full description or review but just few tips, pros and cons.

Let’s start with a text editor/IDE.

Sublime Text 2 #

I’m always looking for a good text editor that can help me working on simple text files but also on small projects (typically javascript or python). I loved vim (ok, vim is a religion, non an editor ;-) and I continue using it but when I want something of user-friendly it’s not really a good choice.

I start using PSPad, then I switch to Notepad++, then to UltraEdit. Each of these has many features and can be considered a great editor but I think this choice (the editor is one of my most used software) is also a matter of taste.

What I want is:

  • a light but good looking user interface;
  • cross platform (I switch frequently from windows to linux and maybe in future Mac OS);
  • programmability (not too complicated, just scripting of executing bat/sh);
  • column selection;
  • colour highlighting and formatting for source code;
  • single file/projects management; After trying for some time Sublime Text 2, I can say it satisfy all these needs. It is one of the fastest editors I’ve tried out, with a light and interference free UI, it’s cross-platform and has a great community of developers that creates plug-ins and themes for any needs.

It’s definitely my choice! :-D