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Five stars madness

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Today I was looking, like almost every day, to iTunes top 25 apps when I found a nice free app with a great 5 star score and more than ten thousands reviews. I decided it was worth a try and download it immediately.

When the download finished I started it and, in a few minutes, I  found that it was not as good as expected, rather it had many limitations caused by the fact that it was the free app and not the paid one.

It really sounded very strange to me that so many people rated it 5 stars but suddenly I discovered the reason for such behavior: the app give you some free content as gift if you rate it 5 stars!! All became clear.

I always relay on ratings and reviews of iTunes apps and the trend I’m seeing in these last months is warring me. The apps that give you contents or benefits if you give them great reviews are increasing; I hope Apple will take some measure to limit the misbehavior of these developers so that users can really trust in AppStore ratings above all for payed apps!!